We deliver to all postcodes within East Lothian, most Edinburgh postcodes and some Midlothian postcodes.


A couple of the dishes require being heated through in the oven before serving. Any dishes that require heating in the oven are provided in foil oven proof trays so you can simply pop straight in. All dishes come with full instructions of preparation.

All dishes are to be stored between 0 and 6 degrees before serving (within a fridge)All dishes are prepared for eating within 24 hours of delivering.


Prices listed on the menu can fluctuate due to seasonal, weather and market price changes. Therefore there may be an increase during the winter months as our suppliers increase their market prices.

An order may be cancelled if we are unable to obtain stock due to adverse weather or seasonal conditions. We work closely with local fisherman and will keep up to date with fishing conditions, if they are unable to fish then an order may be cancelled. Full refund and as much notice as possible will be given.